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Cada uno su curso.

Individual clases.

Individuelle Kurse. 

 Special offers                              

Current actions and promotions from Mi Escuela Berlin for you! Here we inform you of the special offers for your holidays, promotions for the new students or courses to try. Come in and look, you will surely find something for yourself.

 Spanish courses                                      

Spanish courses for beginners, advanced and perfectionists individually or in small groups. For working, studying, staying abroad or simply for you. Professional teachers, efficient courses and committed by heart.

German courses

From any perspective or interest, by studying, working, friends or personal reasons; The language gives access to literature, to a job, to culture, and to interesting or loved people. We offer you professional German courses with possibilities of living interculturality.

 Offers for children and young people 

Children and young people learn differently and often faster than an adult. We know it and we offer variety and fun. We support bilingual education; We offer "learning to play" groups, working groups in elementary schools, support classes and tutorials.

 Continuous training / Individual offers 

Here you will find offers of individual classes, but also special offers for companies and groups. We also present here the individual programs for educational holidays and continuing education courses for teachers. Here we design the offers for you.

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