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Here you can find language courses for your children

Does your child want to learn a second language? Spanish, German or English should be experienced as freely and playfully as possible. If they are in contact with a second language soon, they will learn faster than an adult. 

Early language education

Learn Spanish, English or German as mother tongue, sing, play and listen, while crafting and romping. We also have special courses with dance and yoga in order to find a physical access to language. As naturally as simple, your children learns the language melody and meet first words.  

Spanish AGs

We offer your child the opportunity to get to know Spanish as a new language at some nearby primary schools. In the context of voluntary work groups, we try to awaken your interest in Spanish early in your childhood. We provide, among other things, also some Spanish speaking countries and their people.

Children's language courses - Literacy

There are always games, fun and movement during our classes in "kindergartens". In addition to the listening comprehension, which is the focus, we will also lead your children to reading and writing in Spanish and English. Our methods are based in fun and interest. 


Mi Escuela Berlin supports your child on your Spanish, English or German studies. We personalize their attention in small groups and in one-to-one service, to give your child an optimal support.

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