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Here you can find Spanish courses.

We have the European Framework of Reference for Languages to establish language levels. We differentiate six levels of competence, from A1 (beginners) to C2 (experts). Are not you sure about your level of language? We offer you a free test of leveling and we advise you what courses or types of courses would be appropiate to your expectations and / or needs. In the school we have regular language courses and also other special courses on different subjects, for example courses about the gastronomic culture of Spanish speaking countries, Spanish courses in business and many more.  

A1 - A2 our beginners courses

The aim of our beginners' courses is to accompany you with the first steps in the foreign language until you can understand and use everyday expressions and simple phrases in Spanish, such as the welcome and introduction. The A2 courses build on it, in the end you should be able to communicate with elementary sentences and frequently used expressions about familiar things like the employment and preferences. At our beginners' courses listening comprehension and speaking are the focus.  

B1 - B2 our advanced courses

Our advanced courses further enhance your language skills. At the B1 level, you will learn about familiar things such as work, school, leisure and family life, as well as dealing with most situations in Spanish speaking countries and talking about familiar topics and interests. In B2 courses, you acquire the ability to understand more complex texts and to lead first specialist discussions. In the end, you can communicate spontaneously and fluently with native speakers on a wide range of topics. Dialogues and written examinations are focussed in the advanced courses.

C1 - C2 our professional courses

Here we support you with the fine grinding of your Spanish. At the end of a C1 course you will be able to understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and express yourself fluently. We support you to use the subject vocabulary in your special field in social and professional life or in education and study. In the C2 level, you can understand almost everything in Spanish effortlessly, also express yourself precisely on more complex issues with finer meanings. Spanish literature, specialist essays, film sequences and everyday media are analyzed in writing as well as verbally and discussed in detail.

Business Spanish (from B1)

Would you like to use Spanish as a professional and, based on your previous knowledge, to learn the technical language economy? With us you also learn to pay attention to the cultural differences and to take you abroad or with your Spanish speaking business partners. We are also happy to prepare you for the exams of Cámara de Comercio de Madrid (Examination of Certificates and Diplomas).

Special and advanced courses

We usually offer courses on special topics. The focus is on country specific peculiarities and an expanded understanding of people and cultures in Hispanic America. Sometimes it is about an artist, such as Frida Kahlo, Picasso or Dalí, sometimes Spanish or Latin American films, culinary peculiarities of individual countries, festivals and habits or country customs. Here, your vocabulary will be expanded, grammatical exercises will support you in the right way and you will learn something new.

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